20 Delicious Vietnamese Traditional TET Recipes

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Summary of 20 Delicious Vietnamese Traditional TET Recipes

Food is the cultural beauty of the Vietnamese people, therefore, every New Year to Spring, Tet Tre is centered by every family. The tray can be large or small depending on the conditions of each home and each area has its own characteristics. Today, Nguyen Kim will introduce you to dishes on Tate Holiday in the North-Central-South regions with bold traditions and national identity in the article below!

Dine at the Tate’s Holiday in the North

Chung cake

Old grandparents used to say: “Watermelon fat, watermelon and onion, red coupler/tree, crackers, green Chung cake”. Chung cake is a harmonious combination of glutinous rice, sweet green beans, mild pepper, greasy pork and wrapped with dong leaves to create an unmistakable flavor. Also, the sight of sitting 8-10 hours watching a pot of Ban Chung has entered the subconscious of people in the north.


Các món ăn ngày Tết miền Bắc bánh trưng

Gac Glutinous Rice

According to the ancient grandparenting concept, red is the color of luck, the color of happiness. Therefore, on full moon days, during holidays, especially during the Lunar New Year, a plate of gac glutinous rice is a must.

Gac Sticky Rice is cooked with delicious glutinous rice mixed with fresh Gac fruit and then put in a steamer. After glutinous rice is cooked, it will be a beautiful bright red color, delicious but very nutritious with a high vitamin A content.

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Xôi gấc mang lại may mắn cho cả gia đình và người thân


Onion melon – Vietnamese Traditional TET Recipes

Pickled onions are a rustic dish but very special in the New Year’s cuisine of the North. This dish has a sour, mildly spicy flavor and is best used for serving with Chung cake or frozen meats. Pickles are considered a very effective anti-boring dish, especially during the new year which you need to know.


Dưa hành là món ăn dân dã thường gặp trong mâm cơm ngày Tết của các gia đình miền Bắc


Fried Spring Rolls

Fried spring rolls are golden yellow, stuffed with pork, wooden ears, shiitake mushrooms and bean sprouts inside. This dish brings out a delicious, crispy and very tempting taste which is a must in the Lunar New Year days of the northern peoples. Fried spring rolls are loved by many and are also considered a dish symbolizing the “national spirit, national essence” of the Vietnamese people.


Nem rán vàng óng, giòn rụm tượng trưng cho “quốc hồn, quốc túy” của người Việt


Silk roll

Silk spring rolls often placed in the center of the tote tray are meant to warm the outside, bringing good luck to the home. This dish is made from pureed pork wrapped in banana leaves and then boiled. Crunchy, delicious pork rolls can be eaten with rice or bread. You can store it in the refrigerator and bring it to your guests at any time, especially during Tet.

For families who prefer to stay vegetarian, you can find out how to make delicious, safe and easy vegetarian sausage here!


Giò lụa món ăn đồ khô ngon để đãi tiệc


Boiled chicken

Boiled chicken is a simple but indispensable dish in the tete trays of the northern peoples. Sweet and fragrant chicken served with lemon leaves and salt and pepper will bring a unique and unforgettable taste. The plate of steamed chicken presented in a tray of rice stands out thanks to its bright yellow color, tender flesh and attractively shiny skin.


Thịt gà luộc vàng ươm, da dai giòn

Pork Skin Ball Soup

Pork Skin Ball Soup is also known as Drop Ball Soup. This is a dish that always appears on the trays of every Tet holiday of northern peoples. The sweet flavor of the broth, smooth rising meat, crispy skin, aromatic mushrooms and vegetables in this dish help to make up the full flavor of the dish.


Canh bóng bì lợn vị ngọt thanh của nước dùng, thịt mọc béo ngậy


Stir-Fried Spring Rolls

It is a traditional Tet dish of the northern peoples and is now popular throughout the country. Stir-fried spring rolls with main ingredients are fried minced meat with some ingredients such as wooden ears, salt, spice seeds, ground black pepper…

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Giò xào dễ làm được chuẩn bị bởi các bà mẹ


Dried Bamboo Shoot Soup

On Tet to Spring days, it is often imperative to have a bowl of hot bamboo shoot soup with a delicious and smooth taste. A pot of bamboo shoot soup cooked with pork leg is a typical dish of the northern people on every Tet holiday. It is also believed to be the traditional culture of ancient grandparents with the habit of eating foods derived from nature.




Meals at Tet Holidays in the Central Zone

Tet cake

In the central and southern regions, bun tet is wrapped with banana leaves and made into a cylindrical shape. There are many kinds of cakes for you to choose from such as savory cakes, sweet cakes, unfilled cakes, mixed cakes. While eating, you will clearly feel the delicious taste of the ingredients inside, which is extremely appealing.

Những món ăn ngày tết miền Trung bánh Tét ngon


Sour meatballs

It is a special dish made of marinated pork, which is mixed with rice and wrapped in guava leaves or enteric leaves to give it a sour, chewy, spicy taste, very attractive to eat within a few days. In the central region, nem chua is usually mildly sour and is served with garlic to enhance the flavor. Today, spring rolls have many different variations but still have a unique and delicious sour taste.


Nem chua là món ăn đặc sản được làm từ thịt heo tẩm ướp gia vị




Spicy dishes are dishes that combine several ingredients like carrots, papaya, papaya , cucumber, … to make a delicious dish that makes you irresistible. It sounds simple when you hear the name, but making a colorful dish with a delicious sour taste takes a lot of time and requires caution. Middle people often eat soft tat cakes with crunchy, sour and sour melons, which bring an unforgettable appetite.


Dưa món từ nhiều nguyên liệu như cà rốt, đu đủ, củ kiệu, dưa leo


Spicy Meat with Fish Sauce

Every New Year’s Eve, marinated meat with fish sauce is a popular dish in the Central Provinces. The main ingredients for making this dish can be pork or beef, after preliminary processing, it will be soaked in Chinese fish sauce and cooked according to a certain proportion.

Each toned meat is soaked in fish sauce for several days to make a very tempting and delicious dish. The meat soaked in the fish sauce has a salty, sweet and savory flavor, often served with white rice, glutinous rice, bun tart or sweet and sour pickles and raw vegetables and herbs.


Thịt ngâm mắm là món ăn khá phổ biến ở các tỉnh miền Trung


Beef jerky

At banquet tables for guests on New Year’s and spring days of the central ones, there are often beautiful red and pink beef rolls. With a salty, crunchy, peppery taste and a strong aroma of black pepper, this dish is indispensable in the traditional Tet holidays of the Middle peoples.


Chả bò bàn tiệc đãi khách trong những ngày Tết đến Xuân về của người miền Trung


Sour shrimp

A delightful, rustic dish indispensable in the Tet trays of the Middle Peoples is the sour shrimp, which is Hue’s specialty. The dish has a sweet and sour taste of shrimp and the pungent taste of spices has left an unforgettable impression on those who eat it. Sourdough shrimp are often used by many as a salad, dipped in steamed dishes or rolled with herbs and savory rice paper.


Tôm chua là món ăn đặc sản Huế


Dine at the Tet’s Vacation in the South

Braised meat

It is a dish that is used heavily in family meals and is an essential part of Tet cuisine. Braised Pork Belly Pork Belly is a combination of eggs and coconut water which is very tasty and tempting.

In the days leading up to the Tet, in addition to cleaning houses and shopping, Southern families often prepare a large pot of braised meat to eat these days. You can have braised pork with steamed rice or pickle!


Các món ăn ngày Tết miền Nam có thịt kho tàu


Dried shrimp tubers

What distinguishes the south from the central and north is that papaya is not served with bun tat but is often eaten as a separate dish with dried shrimp. The palanquin is soaked in a sweet and sour taste, when eaten with dried prawns, and sprinkled with a little granulated sugar, it makes the dish salty, sweet, crispy, chewy, for men to enjoy on that. Will make it sharp. Although dried prawn palanquin is a delightful dish, it is an indispensable dish in Southerners’ Tet trays.


Củ kiệu tôm khô là món ăn kèm với các món ăn


Stuffed Bitter Melon Soup

Stuffed Bitter gourd Soup is a dish that is not only refreshing, cooling, and very beneficial for health, but it also means removing difficulties and waiting for joy and luck to come. Therefore, this dish is a great choice for many Southern families during each Lunar New Year.


Canh khổ qua nhồi thịt đầy ý nghĩa



The taste of cucumber is cold, sour and crunchy, so many people choose it as a dish to cool off during Tet. This dish can be eaten with rice or rolled rice peppers, but it is still best suited to be eaten with braised meat as it has a very effective anti-fatigue effect. Cucumber with main ingredients including bean sprouts, chives, and carrot is very good for the body.


Dưa giá có tính mát, vị chua, giòn ngon nên được nhiều người chọn

Sausage – Vietnamese Traditional New Year Recipes

Sausage is a popular Tate dish in the South that everyone knows. This dish can be prepared in many different ways such as boiling, frying or baking before cooking. One cooking method that is popular among many people is water frying which is both delicious and safe for health.


Lạp xưởng là món ăn ngày Tết khá phổ biến ở miền Nam mà bất kỳ ai cũng biết đến


The dishes on the Tet holiday have their own meanings, but in general, they still symbolize prosperity, happiness and luck in the new year. Hopefully, with the information PhanThietchill.net shared above, you can choose the perfect dish to display on the ancestral altar and entertain friends.

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