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Forecast of weather and waves in Phu Quy today by Windguru (Skatepark)

Windguru Phu Quy (winder Phu Quy) is an indispensable tool for predicting wind, temperature, …, helping us prepare in advance for situations when playing sea sports: like windsurfing, paragliding,… This Windguru site is very easy to use, helping us to find a lot of information that can be useful, such as tide predictions, forecast maps, waves,…

Windguru Phu Quy | Binh Thuan | WG ———>

Windguru Phu Quy | Binh Thuan | GFS 13 km  ———->

Windguru Phu Quy | Binh Thuan | GFS-Wave 16 km ———->

Windguru Phu Quy | Binh Thuan | ICON 13 km ———->

Windguru Phu Quy | Binh Thuan | GDPS 15 km ———->

Windguru Phu Quy | Binh Thuan | GWAM 27 km ———->

Basic Information

– GFS (Global Forecast System, or in Spanish Global Forecasting System) model, is a number of meteorological forecasting models developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States of America. (NOAA) created and used.
– Wind speed: 10m above the ground. Adjusted wind speed, that is, an estimate of how good the wind is in areas most sensitive to some wind direction.
– The temperature is at an altitude of 2m above sea level.

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Winder Phu Quy Overview

If you are a surfer, you will love this. Depending on the color and number of stars, you’ll know if it’s a good day to go surfing. For example, yellow stars mean very good day, especially if there are 3 or more stars; On the other hand, if you see blue stars, it’s better to wait a bit, as that means the temperature will drop to 10ºC or less. Hope you have a great time at the beach.

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