What is the need of Tet Shopping, list of items to buy

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What is the need of Tet Shopping?

The Tet is the busiest time of year for shopping. Families are eager to buy household items like clothes, utensils, candy, etc. The following article will guide you with some shopping tips for Tet 2022 so that you can save as much money as possible and still have money. A perfect Tet vacation.

What is the need of Tet Shopping? Tet. List of items to buy for

Since there are so many things to buy during the Tet holiday, it is inevitable that some things will be forgotten. Here, Nguyen Kim will list the items to buy for your reference!


1. Five-Fruit Tray

The tray of five fruits on the Tet holiday is one of the important things to display on the ancestral altar during Tet. It has a deep meaning to offer prasad to ancestors, show paternal devotion and wish good things for the coming year.


Mua sắm Tết cần những gì? Danh sách những món đồ cần mua cho ngày Tết


2. Prasad

Prasad is mandatory during Tet. Offerings of incense, incense, paper money, gold and silver, including clothes. Vietnam has always believed that not only the living but also the gods and the dead need to prepare and welcome the new year in the new year.


Đồ cúng cần chuẩn bị trước khi đón tết


3. Pushpa Prasad

On the 15th or 30th day of the lunar calendar, flowers are offered at the altar of Mr. Kang Ong Tao, the altar of ancestors important. More important on Tet vacation, it’s inevitable.


Ngày 15 âm hay 30, mùng 1 âm lịch thì hoa cúng trên bàn thờ ông Công ông Táo


4. Food

Currently, on the Tate holiday, markets and store systems often open early to meet people’s needs. Some of the foods you need to buy include:

  • Fresh food (meat, chicken, duck, egg,…)
  • Dried food (mushrooms, wood ears, dried bamboo shoots, dried prawns,…)
  • Processed foods ( fried spring rolls, spring rolls, sausages,…)
  • Spices.
  • In addition, there are ingredients for making Chưng cake, bun de, Tét cake (green beans, glutinous rice, cake-wrapped leaves,…).

Please only calculate the amount of food needed and reserve!


Những thực phẩm cần chuẩn bị khi lên danh sách mua sắm Tết

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5. Tet Confectionery and Jam

Tet confectionery and jam are one of the must-haves for the Tet holiday. It represents wishing for a year filled with love and convenience. And kids especially love candies, so buy some cute and delicious candies for them right away!


ánh kẹo và mứt Tết là một trong những thứ cần có vào ngày Tết


6. Red Envelope

Tate is looking at the red envelope. Giving lucky money is a traditional custom, expressing lucky and kind words to the recipient. This is also a meaningful and sentimental Tet gift. So don’t forget to have a red envelope on your shopping list for Tet 2022.


Tặng lì xì là một phong tục truyền thống


7. Tet Gifts

Tate Holiday is a time for us to show our gratitude to our relatives, parents, brothers, and sisters. Therefore, Tet gifts will be something that will help people to connect with each other and express their feelings.


Dịp lễ Tết là thời gian để chúng ta thể hiện sự tri ân


8. Lucky Money

If you have red packets, you can’t have lucky money, right? A note for you is that you should use the new money to make lucky money. So before Tet, you can go to the bank, or anyone you can change money.


Tiền lì xì mới thể hiện sự trân trọng


9. Tet Flowers

Seeing peaches, apricots, and kumkum, Tet has a bustling atmosphere. So every family should buy their family some vases or small ornamental plants to make the new year even more meaningful.


Hoa trưng Tết - một thứ không thể thiếu trong danh sách mua sắm tết


Affordable and Smart Tet Shopping Tips

1. “Victims” Essential Promotional Items

At the end of the year, Christmas or New Year’s is the time when businesses and brands do many promotions. Therefore, as a range of retail systems and supermarkets increase the application of promotional programs, customers will have many opportunities to ‘hunt’ for consumer goods and promotional foods with better prices and significant cost savings. deep discount.

However, to avoid over-purchasing, you should make a list of essential products to manage a reasonable spending level for your family.

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2. Buy – Just – Enough

With every new year approaching, the family’s demand for food increases, with housewives often buying and storing large quantities of food during this time. Storing fresh food or vegetables for a long time will cause the food to lose some of its nutrition.

Today’s markets or supermarkets usually open on the 2nd of Tet. So, you only need to estimate enough quantity of food for 1 to 2 days, then you can go to the store to buy more for your family. If you want to store food for a long time, you need to know the best ways to preserve food.


Mẹo mua sắm Tết tiết kiệm và thông minh


3. Use old things to decorate New Year’s Day

Home decor is an essential part of every new year to spring, but to both save costs and have a lovely home, reusing old furniture is an extremely smart choice that you can make.

Instead of throwing away newspapers, bottles or old clothes, you can get creative to recycle them into decorative items at your family’s place. And this method will surely help you save a good amount of money during Tet season.


Tận dụng đồ cũ để trang trí ngày tết là bí quyết mua sắm Tết tiết kiệm


4. Homemade

It is impossible not to mention pickles, boiled chicken, etc. These traditional dishes seem difficult to make by hand, but they are actually relatively easy.

And the issue of food security is becoming increasingly worrying. Therefore, making traditional dishes by hand not only saves cost, ensures safety and hygiene, but also creates pleasant moments for the family.


 Của nhà tự làm những món đồ ăn


5. Store Leftovers Properly

Because of the housewife’s habit of shopping and storing food, it is inevitable that there will be an excess of food. Instead of dumping them, you can learn how to properly store foods in the refrigerator.


Bảo quản thức ăn thừa đúng cách


6. Plan Your Spending Properly

Having a budget plan is a must, especially during this Tet Holiday. Because it is such an occasion when we have to spend on a lot of things like shopping, giving gifts, celebrating our birthday…

You should first make a plan based on the economy of your family so that the first crisis can be avoided.


Lên kế hoạch chi tiêu đúng cách


7. Limit eating out, and actively eat at home

Tet is a time for family members to gather warmly gather together. Family meals, especially on this holiday, are even more meaningful. So spend a lot of time eating these reunion meals with your loved ones. And if you go out to eat on a Tate holiday, you will have to pay a much higher cost than on weekdays.


Hạn chế ăn bên ngoài, tích cực dùng bữa ở nhà


8. Consider New Year’s Gifts and Lucky Money List

Giving money in the new year, giving gifts to both sides of the family, and giving lucky money to children is a very meaningful thing, which signifies luck and all good things for the coming year. Envelope means good in action, not in the quantity of money. So it doesn’t have to be an expensive gift or a big money gift but choose a gift that has a lot of meaning, both pleasing the recipient, but also reducing the cost to the giver.


9. Consult and Compare Prices

One of the ways to save money when shopping for Tet is to compare and consult prices. Comparing prices before buying products is a form that everyone needs to implement, it will give you more options as well as ensure the quality of goods while making a purchase. Take some time to search for information about locations and prices of items to compare the quality of those products.

You can easily review all the prices and items to buy by looking on the Internet or directly visiting the market, supermarket, or store, then decide which products to buy.


Tham khảo và so sánh giá khi mua sắm Tết


10. Invite friends to buy Tet together

When buying in bulk, they are often purchased at wholesale prices or receive a number of incentives and incentives from sellers. And most families often buy some stuff together for the New Year. That’s why inviting friends to shop for Tet 1 is an extremely smart option to cut costs.

Above is a list of things to buy during Tet and some smart Tet shopping tips you can apply. Hope this article will be of great help to you. Hope you all have a wonderful new year with your family and loved ones.


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