Ginrong laya – Cham gingerbread

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Ginrong Laya - Cham gingerbread

Ginrong laya – Cham gingerbread

Ginrong Laya is often used in important ceremonies and to entertain guests.

Ginrong, Cham means “more”; Laya means “ginger”. Ginrong Laya cake literally means gingerbread shaped like half crab claw and half ginger root.

This is a traditional cake of the Cham people. In Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan and the entire community, as well as the Cham people in Cambodia, the festival season of the Cham people makes Ginrong Laya cakes.

Ginrong Laya cake is also associated with the legend of the “husband” of the Cham people. The husband went to the ship to go to war and never returned. Tired woman waiting at home. Every afternoon, the wife bakes Ginrong Laya to the beach and throws it away with the fish she sent her husband with the message to come back quickly to meet. Laya turns into coral on the bottom of Ca Na sea with many beautiful, strange and eye-catching shapes.

Ginger's Cake Offering - Ginrong Laya

Legend has it, but the truth is that Ginrong Laya – Cham gingerbread is a unique dish in Vietnam, especially the Cham community in Tuy Phong, Phan Ri. To bake cakes, people take pureed glutinous rice, dry it in the sun, and then grind it into a fine powder. Then beat the eggs and add a little yeast to the dough in the right proportions. This mixture is thoroughly washed, then each small handful of flour (palm size) is peeled off on a tray, shaped like a ginger root.

To make the cake fragrant and delicious, people put the newly created “ginger” in a pan with boiling oil. About 5-6 minutes after the cake is yellow and fragrant, the cake is cooked. After the cake is sugared with ginger, leave this space to the wind for the cake to dry quickly.

Ginrong Laya – Cham gingerbread is often used in important ceremonies and used to entertain guests.

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