Phu Long pork belly cake

Phu Long pork belly cake Introduction Visitors from far away who came here to try this dish were very IMPRESSED AND PRAISED. Coming to Binh Thuan

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Phu Long pork belly cake

Phu Long pork belly cake


Visitors from far away who came here to try this dish were very IMPRESSED AND PRAISED. Coming to Binh Thuan without enjoying pork belly cake, your coastal trip is not complete.

It is a dish that includes: Banh cuon, pork belly, smooth rice paper, raw vegetables and dipping sauce. Banh asked Phu Long, it looks simple, but the processing is also very complicated.

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How to create a brand of Phu Long pork belly cake

In order for the cake to delight you, the baker must choose a delicious rice, soak it in cold water for one night, then wash it and re-wash it several times, drain the water, and then go through other meticulous stages of grinding – coating. so that each cake is pure white. In particular, cooking and choosing meat is not an easy thing. The ingredients must have enough heart, liver, kidney, young sausage.

If you want the heart and meat to be sweet and crispy, then after taking it out of the pot of boiling water, put it right into the bucket with the prepared ice water, it is the coldness of the ice that will retain the attractive color of the heart. The meat shrinks, retains the sweetness of the meat and above all is the white and crispy piece of meat, the delicious taste of pork belly is also in the dipping sauce.

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Cake rolled with tamarind fish sauce is also a specialty: Binh Thuan rice paper. Regarding the ingredients of fish sauce, it must be the right fish sauce, just pureed garlic and chili, mixed with tamarind juice and a little sugar.

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How to enjoy Pork Belly Cake

Pork belly cake is often used in wedding parties – ask, or simply breakfast. To eat, roll rice paper with pork intestines, alternating with raw vegetables in the middle and then dipping with special lemon fish sauce.

The standard of a delicious cake plate is that the stem must be as small as a bamboo toothpick, the pieces of cake should not fall apart or clump together. When chewing well, you can feel the sweetness of rice flour, the greasy taste of rice flour. Coconut oil and the aroma of shallots. All this water blends with the fleshy taste of pork liver, the fatty taste of the small intestine or simply boiled pork to create a dish that is considered a specialty of the tourist country.

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In Phu Long town, Ham Thuan Bac, rice Paper rolls with pork origin is one of the unique dishes of Binh Thuan, dating back a long time. In Binh Thuan, visitors can enjoy this cuisine in many places. But if you want to eat the right taste of the countryside, you have to go to Phu Long, about 7 kilometers from Phan Thiet. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, guests come here very crowded, sometimes all seats.

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Phu Long pork heart is known as a famous breakfast dish. If one day during your trip to Phan Thiet – Binh Thuan, you enjoy a plate of rice paper with pork heart, accompanied by a plate of raw vegetables and a cup of fish sauce that blends perfectly with spices to create a special taste. then you will be satisfied and satisfy your culinary passion.

Phu Long pork belly cake address

Bakery cakes ask pork intestines in many places, but the most delicious and famous are the bakeries when crossing the Phu Long bridge (6 km north of Phan Thiet city).

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