Bung Thi Hot Spring – An attractive and wild backpacking spot

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Bung Thi Hot Spring – An attractive wild backpacking spot

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Bung Thi Hot Spring location

Bung Thi Hot Spring is a new tourist destination located about 30 km from Lagi city and 40 km from Phan Thiet city center, belonging to Ta Cu nature reserve, Ham Thuan Nam district, Binh Thuan province.
Bung Thi is the bordering place of 3 communes Thuan Quy, Tan Thuan and Tan Thanh in Ham Thuan Nam district, with typical natural landscape and tropical flora.
How to get here

Bung Thi Binh Thuan Hot Spring
From Ho Chi Minh City, drive to Ham Minh, stop at Ham Minh market to buy food. When driving through the forest, you will see the road leading to Bung Thi, right at the intersection of the market. From Phan Thiet city, Binh Thuan province, turn onto the asphalt road of National Highway 1A to the junction of Ham Minh commune (Ham Thuan Nam district) 7km long to reach Bung Thi hot spring.

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Experience Bung Thi Hot Spring

On both sides of the road there are lush leafy wild plants, wild thorns growing on the fine white sand like a wild picture. Arriving at the place, visitors can not help but enjoy the scene of green forest, colorful grass growing luxuriantly.

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At the same time, you can soak in natural hot water, boil eggs yourself in hot water and enjoy together. Bung Thi hot spring has 2 hot and cold circuits marked by local people using iron pipes. On the source, hot water is 87 degrees, visitors boil eggs, downstream there are two containers of water mixed together and poured into a lake. The water in this lake is quite warm, so visitors do not hesitate to take a bath to relieve fatigue. Also from here, water overflows and flows into a small stream to the deepest place, Bung Thi. Then the water slowly flows through the stumps and dry leaves to a point where it forms a larger stream.

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With a recorded temperature of up to 87°C, Bung Thi hot spring in Ta Cu Nature Reserve (Binh Thuan) can boil eggs. A lot of people come to experiment and explore.
Ta Cu Nature Reserve has built a ring around hot springs rising from the ground. Tourists and people come here, mostly they bring eggs. Boil them in hot water. After dropping the eggs into the water, visitors wait about 2-30 minutes for the eggs to cook, interestingly, when cooking chicken eggs in hot springs, the yolks solidify and the whites remain transparent.

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When the duck eggs are cooked, on the contrary, the whites are thicker and the yolks are watery. After setting up camp in this area, spend the afternoon exploring the unspoiled landscape and rich flora of Bung Thi.
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Tall trees will bring you into an area rich in ferns, orchids, especially pitcher plants, which are little known in urban areas.
Every step of discovery at the Bung Thi hot spring area is an unforgettable moment, when the nature here still retains the wildest and most natural features. Sunset and sunrise in the green forest harmonize nature, landscape, people and nature closer than ever.


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Conclusion of Bung Thi hot spring

On weekends, especially holidays, people and tourists from all over the world flock to the hot springs to explore, rest and relax. About 160 km from Ho Chi Minh City, Bung Thi forest is a weekend destination for those who love to explore.
You need to prepare tents, hammocks, dry food and drinking water for the trip. Under no circumstances should fire or trash be used in this area. Explore nature, immerse yourself in nature and return nature to its original pristine beauty. You can rent a tractor used in tourism.


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