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Ghenh island (Hon Lao island) Mui Ne – Phan Thiet city

22 km from the center of Phan Thiet city to the northeast, Mui Ne is currently a tourist destination of the whole province of Binh Thuan with many luxury resorts springing up. Not only have many romantic beaches, white sand dunes, tourists coming to Mui Ne also fall in love with the specialties that are both rustic and delicious.

King crab

King crab is considered the king of crabs. One of the places where king crab is highly appreciated is the waters of Phan Thiet. It is also very difficult to catch them. King crab is processed into dishes such as roasted tamarind, roasted with salt, grilled, cooked with porridge … but the most delicious and also the simplest is steamed and then dipped with salt and green pepper. The taste of crab meat is preserved intact, sweet and firm. In addition, salt-roasted king crab is also loved by many diners. The price is quite high, about 300,000 VND/kg.


delicious dishes in Mui Ne


Dong – one of delicious dishes in Mui Ne

Dong is the name of the local people for the salamander – a reptile that lives in the sand dunes in Mui Ne. The strange shape makes this dish afraid of many diners, not daring to taste it for the first time, but just overcome the initial fear, you will feel the quintessence of Mui Ne cuisine through cooking. make a simple specialty.


delicious dishes in Mui Ne


If you have a “spirit of steel”, you should try a whole grilled pork belly to feel the rich and unique taste of pork belly. Dong eat leaves and young shoots, so the meat is sweet, clean and tough. If you hesitate, you can enjoy processed dishes such as spring rolls, salads, fried. In particular, spring rolls are more authentic than most restaurants in Mui Ne. People clean river meat, minced it will be mixed with chili powder, mushrooms, wrapped like spring rolls and then hot fried. Crispy, fragrant pork rolls, served with raw vegetables and sweet and sour sauce.

Hot pot

Hot pot originally originated from vermicelli, carried by mothers and sold throughout the alleys of thousands of fishermen in Phan Thiet. The dish consists of many ingredients such as boiled meat, fried eggs, apricot fish, sliced mango, raw vegetables, bananas… all finely chopped, beautifully presented in a bowl and filled with broth.

The dishes of the sea are often scored by the broth made from fresh fish, in addition, people add sugarcane, pineapple, star fruit, and chili to complete the harmonious sweet, sour, and spicy flavors. Later, the restaurants put the drop noodle dish on the menu, developing into a unique hot pot dish, very different from the hot pot dishes of the South. The dish is somewhat similar to bun thang in Hanoi, but the ingredients are typical of the sea.


delicious dishes in Mui Ne

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Rice paper dipped in fish sauce

Rice paper dipped in fish sauce is a familiar dish of any child when traveling far from Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan. Simple dishes of the poor bring a lot of nostalgia, making it difficult for those who go far to forget. The highlight of the dish is a cup of salted fish sauce with the taste of the sea, squeezed with lemon and chili to make it more attractive.

When eating, people spread rice paper, put quail eggs, raw vegetables, water rice paper, roll it skillfully, then dip it into a ready-made bowl of fish sauce. No meat would rather “delicious” anything, just that but the taste is so attractive, eat one wants to eat two.


delicious dishes in Mui Ne


Mai fish salad

As a fishing village, Mui Ne has many delicious seafood salads. All are caught and made in the same day, after only a few hours, so the taste is more special than the dishes using frozen food in the city. Besides snail salad, visitors should try the typical apricot fish salad in Phan Thiet. The fish is sliced, boned, and iced. When eating, add a little lemon to make the fish a bit pale, add raw vegetables such as farts, basil, onions, green bananas, star fruit, chili garlic, roasted peanuts…

You can eat rice paper with rice paper. The taste of sweet apricot fish mixed with the accompanying spices makes many people admire.

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delicious dishes in Mui Ne


Fish cake soup 

Banh Canh Cha Ca in Phan Thiet in general and Mui Ne in particular are different from Banh Canh in many places. Instead of transparent noodles, here, people use opaque white rice cakes like Hue beef noodles. The piece of fish cake is the soul of a simple bowl of banh chung, usually consisting of steamed fish cakes and fried fish cakes, with a strong sweet, spicy taste due to minced with fresh chili, when biting it will be a bit tough. The broth is simmered from a variety of fish caught fresh in the waters of Mui Ne. Everything is perfect, forming a bowl of soup “wherever you eat, remember your life there”.


delicious dishes in Mui Ne

Quai vac cake

Quai vac cake looks like filter cake, also has a clear white color and shrimp filling. The method is similar, that is, finely ground wheat flour is very flexible, rolled thinly, for shrimp, deep fried meat, pepper, and sugar. The cake is boiled and coated with a little oil to avoid sticking. When biting in, the cake is chewy, revealing inside is a shrimp wrapped in minced meat, dipped in a gentle sweet and sour fish sauce. Quai vac cake is familiar to working people and students in Mui Ne every time after school.


delicious dishes in Mui Ne

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