Relax in Phan Thiet city with the following 13 places to eat – travel

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Phan Thiet in 2021 is being known as an attractive tourist destination. Mui Ne – Phan Thiet has convenient traffic: highways, trains and the airport are about to be built, near the city. Ho Chi Minh City and other regions. The climate in Phan Thiet is sunny all year round, white sand blue sea and extremely fresh seafood, suitable for an impressive beach trip. In particular, here you have a lot of unique attractions and too many people to enjoy the peaceful space here.


Relax in Phan Thiet city with the following 13 places to eat - travel


So, if you have the opportunity, you should plan to enjoy a ‘Phan Thiet chill’ with the following:

Relax in Phan Thiet city with tourist attractions not to be missed

Referring to Phan Thiet tourism, most people immediately think of Mui Ne. However, in addition to Mui Ne tourist area, you can also visit and discover the following attractive places of Phan Thiet.

PhanThietchill invites you to review a round of Mui Ne, then go to the following extremely attractive Phan Thiet tourist attractions:


Relax in Phan Thiet city with the following 13 places to eat - travel


Mui Ne Area

Along the area of ​​Mui Ne is a collection of beautiful beaches, diverse resorts, from peaceful to attractive luxury. Therefore, Mui Ne is considered a resort paradise of Phan Thiet.

Coming to Mui Ne, you can explore and visit the following places:

Bay Sand Dunes

Bay Sand Dunes, also known as Hong Hill, is a famous place  with sand dunes stretching as far as the eye can see, the wind is caged, you will feel like you are coming to a lively desert space. In particular, the Sand Bay in Mui Ne has sand colors that change over time and the terrain changes continuously. Very attractive, isn’t it?

Come here, don’t forget to experience sand surfing with a skateboard once. This is a free tourist destination, it only costs money to park the car and you should prepare drinking water.

Mui Ne Fishing Village

Mui Ne fishing village has long been a place to anchor ships and transfer seafood to the shore of fishermen here. Coming here in the early morning, you will enjoy the panoramic view of the poetic port and the sincere people here.


Relax in Phan Thiet city with the following 13 places to eat - travel


Mui Ne fishing village is located on Huynh Thuc Khang street, about 200m from Mui Ne bus station, about 23km north of Phan Thiet city center and about 1km from Mui Ne market. Therefore, it’s great to drop in to check in and buy some seafood, isn’t it?

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Ghenh Island

Just 15 minutes by boat from Mui Ne beach, you have reached Hon Ghenh. The name seems to have somewhat described the most characteristic feature of this place with undulating cliffs and waves crashing against the shore.


Hon Ghenh is also an ideal place for snorkeling and fishing, or simply sitting on the rocky shore to admire the unspoiled beauty of nature here.

Relax in Phan Thiet city with Hon Rom

Hon Rom is a stretch of tourist destination, located in Long Son hamlet, Mui Ne ward, Phan Thiet city. Going to Hon Rom, you will be walking on the asphalt road stretching along the green and romantic beach, watching people catch seafood along the two banks. If you have the opportunity to travel by Jeep – you can stop on both sides of the road to check in. In Hon Rom, the cluster of beaches has many beautiful beaches such as: Hon Rom 1, Hon Rom 2, …


Hon Rom is an ideal place for you to swim and enjoy delicious seafood. You should ask the price in advance to have a reasonable choice.

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Now, PhanThietchill invites you to visit the coastal city of Phan Thiet for a tour

Phan Thiet City Area

In the area of ​​Phan Thiet city, if you want to visit, you can ‘forget time’ here:

Po sha Inu Cham Tower

Poshanu Cham Tower is a famous Cham cultural and historical relic of Binh Thuan province. The unique architectural features were built manually by the ancient Cham people without the use of adhesives, the pattern lines are still preserved over time.


Relax in Phan Thiet city with the following 13 places to eat - travel


Coming here, you will be immersed in the Cham cultural space and find separate Check-in corners

Address to visit: Ba Nai Hill, Phu Hai Ward, City. Phan Thiet

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Ong Dia Rock

Ong Dia rock beach is where local fishermen anchor their basket boats, and also the beach of SeaLinks resort. With a long stretch of sand, if you go in the early morning, you will be able to swim in the calm and clear blue sea, then buy very cheap seafood from the people here.


Relax in Phan Thiet city with the following 13 places to eat - travel


Address: P. Ham Tien, TP. Phan Thiet – 9 – 10 km from the center. Right downhill of The Clif resort.

Doi Duong Sea

Doi Duong Beach is located in the heart of the city, stretching from Rang Dong residential area to Bo Ke seafood area in Phan Thiet. Therefore, this is an ideal place to rent a hotel and enjoy the sea atmosphere, enjoy seafood like the rhythm of local people. Doi Duong Beach is the most beautiful in the summer months, the blue sea is undulating, the sandy beach stretches, so it is a bathing place for both locals.

Along the beach, there are many snacking places sold by locals, such as grilled rice paper, seafood of all kinds, pickled fruits, .. You should ask the price and should maintain general hygiene

Phan Thiet chill with what dish?

If you have come to relax in Phan Thiet city, do not forget to try these special dishes. You can refer to some delicious dishes in Phan Thiet below:


If you have chosen to travel to the sea, do not forget to eat seafood. Phan Thiet is a tourist destination full of fresh seafood dishes ready for the “followers” of seafood. With a long list of dishes, you should prepare many ‘wallets’ to enjoy them all. Speaking of which, PhanThietchill, I’m a local and I still want to come here 🙂


Relax in Phan Thiet city with the following 13 places to eat - travel


The seafood dishes that Phan Thiet is extremely famous for can be mentioned such as snail salad, apricot fish salad, boar fish, greasy convex fish, one-sun squid, green crab, hot pot drop, Huynh De crab, grilled thunderstorm, …


Relax in Phan Thiet city with the following 13 places to eat - travel


You can go along the Phan Thiet embankment (Ca Ty river) that I mentioned right next to Doi Duong beach above to enjoy the cool wind while sipping seafood, chilling some beer or you can also visit the fishing village, do it yourself. Select the best squid and shrimp and process them right at the market.

Phan Thiet grilled rice paper

Phan Thiet grilled rice paper has its own unique characteristics, not the type of grilled rice paper in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City or  Da Lat  that you often eat, this type of rice paper is a combination of fish sauce, quail eggs, sour food and topping. Rice paper is baked on a charcoal stove, then rolled up as soon as it is still hot, the fish sauce will soften the rice paper and give off a fragrant aroma. Then you can dip the special sauce to blend the flavors together.

Address: Right on the slope of Duong hill, nguy 4 Tran Hung Dao – Thu Khoa Huan or Tam Bien junction

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Can cake

Banh Can Phan Thiet is a popular specialty dish, it is a combination of flour, fresh seafood such as shrimp, squid or egg, minced meat. Banh Can is often eaten with green mango, grated cucumber, and raw vegetables. The accompanying dipping sauce is usually diluted fish sauce, garlic, chili, … or in the right way, braised scad fish sauce with fat.


Relax in Phan Thiet city with the following 13 places to eat - travel


Reference Address: 13 Ngu Ong Street; 8 Hai Thuong Lan Ong Street or 168 Thu Khoa Huan

Fish cake soup

Phan Thiet fish cake soup usually uses rice flour cake soup, combined with the famous fresh fish cake that can be steamed or fried. In particular, when eating fish cake soup, locals often use bread to dip it with cake soup, add a piece of lemon and add a little chili sauce, this helps people enjoy the sweet and bold taste. momentum of the dish.


Reference Address: Quan Xiu, No. 1 Kim Dong Street; Ba Ly cake shop, 566 Tran Hung Dao street or Tam Bien crossroads cake soup

Pearl fish salad

Fish salad is considered a dish you must definitely enjoy to know Phan Thiet chill. Fish salad is made from fresh fish such as apricot, herring, transparent fish, opaque fish … are boneless, preliminarily processed, mixed with cool vegetables and rich fish sauce. The fresh salad melts in your mouth, mixed with other toppings, you will be very impressed and hard to forget this dish.

Address: Shops along the embankment of Ca Ty River – Phan Thiet City or Vietnam Home, address 125 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Mui Ne

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Some notes when traveling to Phan Thiet

Phan Thiet’s weather is hot and sunny in the Central region, so you need to prepare carefully summer clothes such as hats, sunglasses, thin scarves, jackets… and most importantly, don’t forget sunscreen.


Relax in Phan Thiet city with the following 13 places to eat - travel


If you are more thoughtful, you should bring a few bottles of cool water to fight thirst when visiting. Services at tourist attractions in Phan Thiet such as renting bicycles, skateboards in the sand dunes, renting boats, … are all spontaneous, the price is decided by the owner, you should ask carefully.

Hopefully the above information will help you have a fun and interesting trip, enjoy the chill of Phan Thiet, especially an empty stomach to eat all the specialties here.

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