Vietnamese Tet 2023 gifts for kids

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Top 11 Vietnamese Tet 2023 gifts for kids that are most appropriate, cute and meaningful

Tet is the time that kids look forward to the most as they can not only go out and eat as much as they want but can also receive new year greetings from adults. Let’s take a look at the very appropriate and meaningful Tet gifts for kids right away Phan Thiet chill!


Meaning of giving gifts to children for the Vietnamese New Year 2023


When Tet arrives in spring, the kids in the family are the ones who look forward to Tet the most. This is the time when youngsters can have fun with their parents, eat and drink, visit grandparents or go on long trips. For children, Tet is the happiest and happiest time of the year. So do not forget to give meaningful and suitable gifts to the children.

Whatever it is, the kids will feel very happy and pleased when they receive the Tet gift. You can give that gift all the more meaningful to your child, grandchild or friend’s child. And of course, when you see the happiness of children, you too will experience double happiness.


Ý nghĩa của tặng quà Tết cho bé

You don’t have to find very expensive Tet gifts, the important thing is to give a gift that shows your love for the child you want to give. So let’s spend a small amount to buy gifts for the kids to strengthen family bonds as well as make for a happier, more fulfilling and happy Tet!


2 Notes When Choosing Tet Gifts For Kids

While buying gifts for your child, you should also keep a few things in mind:

Tet gifts for children must have a clear origin

Toys for kids on the market are very diverse, but apart from good quality items, there are also countless products of unknown origin , poor quality and containing substances. Toxic to children is widely sold.

Therefore, when you choose to buy toys for kids, you need to pay attention to the origin of the product as well as buy gifts from reputable brands to protect children’s health and safety!


Quà Tết cho bé phải có nguồn gốc rõ ràng

Don’t Give Gifts When Your Child Asks For It

Giving gifts to children on important occasions will bring a lot of joy and pleasure to the children. However, this is not always the case when the child asks, but the parents also buy it for the child, this will inadvertently inculcate the habit of liking the tap , which will adversely affect the child’s development later.

Therefore, please note that you should give gifts only at the right time and with the number of gifts !


Bé đòi quà


Choose Educational, Safe Toys

In addition to the quality factor of the toy product, toys that promote intelligence are also of utmost importance. You should prefer products that help your child to play and develop his thinking and creativity.

Such as swords, guns, and knives, … should also be limited to help your child play and develop personality in the best possible way!


Chọn những đồ chơi mang tính giáo dục, an toàn


Give Tet Gifts to Kids Appropriate for Ages and Interests

When you are gift shopping for a child, you should also be aware of the age and preferences of the person to whom you are giving it. There are also many kinds of toys in the market classified according to different ages such as 1 – 3 years old, 4-6 years old, … for you to choose freely.

create more excitement when your child receives this Tet gift!

Tặng quà Tết cho bé phù hợp với độ tuổi, sở thích


3 Top 11 Tet Gifts You Should Choose


Spring lucky money

Lucky money is not only a traditional practice every Tet to Spring, but is also considered one of the most popular and exciting Tet gifts for kids.

When you give lucky money and best wishes to your kids, it will create a more intimate Tet atmosphere. The exquisite red envelopes also bring a great charm to your kids.


Lì xì cho trẻ


Donate new clothes

New clothes are also a very meaningful and practical gift, which every child looks forward to when Tet arrives. Your little ones will surely love to go out and wear cute new clothes to show off to their friends.

You should also look into buying clothes that fit and fit your baby. Surely they will make your youth feel happy and warm!


Quần áo mới cho trẻ


Sweet shop – Tet 2023 gifts for kids

Kids love to eat sweets, so this is also a perfect gift for you to give them. The feeling of seeing and enjoying the sweet taste of cute cakes and candies will get kids excited.

You should also look for confectionery products such as chocolates, cookies, jams, all kinds of jellies, … with reputed brands to ensure children’s health. Plus, if kids are interested in cooking games, you can make handmade candy with them. It will surely be the most memorable and happiest experience for the kids!


Bánh kẹo cho trẻ


Kids watch

Watches are considered an extremely practical and useful gift for young children. Children’s watches will help young children learn to see the time and manage their time more effectively.

Parents can choose the watch model according to their child’s preference and gender. The kids will surely be overjoyed to receive this gift on Tet’s holiday!


Đồng hồ trẻ em



Toys during Tet are definitely a gift that every child loves to receive. You can refer to your child’s interests to find the right and healthy toys for your child.

Apart from this, you should also give priority to gifts that encourage creativity and train thinking like counting sets, legos, heavy earth, drawing sets, series of stories on the subjects of human life,… To help develop.


Đồ chơi cho trẻ


Books and Learning Tools

The Tet also means a new school year is approaching for kids, so books and learning equipment will certainly be essential items for kids.

give new books and school supplies as a wish to encourage them to study better in the coming new year. Surely these gifts will be very useful for kids to see.


Sách vở và dụng cụ học tập cho trẻ


Children’s bicycle

Children’s bicycles are an extremely practical gift that parents and children can mention. This gift will help the kids to practice their physical, mental and other skills which they will surely fall in love with.

Parents can consider the age and preferences of their children to choose the right car with the right styling and color. Seeing the kids cycling in the yard will surely bring lots of joy and happiness to the parents too!


Xe đạp trẻ em

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Teddy Bear

Most children between the ages of 3 and 5 carry a teddy bear with them as a companion. Because at this age, children often have extremely rich imaginations with interesting stories and adventures, teddy bears are certainly a perfect friend, helping to enhance children’s creativity and enjoyment. This is definitely a very interesting Tet gift for your baby!

You should also note that when choosing to buy a teddy bear as a Tet gift, you should buy the type with a soft material and a small size suitable for the baby’s body!


Gấu bông cho trẻ


Nuts, Nutritious Cereals – Tet 2023 gifts for kids

Nuts and seeds are foods that contain a lot of good nutrients, which provide essential nutrients for the body. In addition, the seeds and grains also have many different flavors, both sweet and sweet, that kids will love.


Các loại hạt, ngũ cốc dinh dưỡng cho trẻ

You can buy seeds and nutritious cereals to give to children during this new year 2022, especially for children with anorexia who refuse to eat, this gift will be more suitable, not only can replace food but also for children It also ensures adequate nutrition.


Give a puppy

Puppies are very popular gifts with many spiritual meanings. The dog is not only a companion but also a reliable bodyguard for the little ones. So this is definitely a very interesting gift for your baby.

Tặng chó con cho trẻ

When a dog is given, the child not only has a friend to play with but also helps him learn to care for and take care of the world around him. Surely this will help him train his personality to grow up to be a caring and caring person!

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Sports equipment

You can donate sports equipment like basketball, football, badminton .

Dụng cụ chơi thể thao cho trẻ

To choose a suitable device, you can explore your child’s interests and daily activities, or you can also directly ask your child what kind of equipment he prefers to buy gifts for Lunar New Year. this is the matter!

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