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Top 3 unique Phan Thiet fish sauce specialties you need to know

Phan Thiet fish sauce is famous for a long time. This is not only a spice used daily by locals, today, Phan Thiet chill presents to you the Top famous fish sauces of Phan Thiet.

Water specialties Phan Thiet sauce

Natural Fish Sauce

Tin Fish Sauce Mini Red Label Set is the most suitable choice for you. Red Label Fish Sauce Tin 60ml mini glass bottle is pure Rin fish sauce suitable for eating with or carrying around for travel anytime, anywhere. Clean fish sauce, no preservatives. The 400N protein is the absolute fish protein with a 300-year-old recipe from the capital of Phan Thiet fish sauce.

The fish sauce is brown, thick, suitable for gourmets, the unique flavor of traditional fish sauce recalls the earliest childhood memories of each family.

Special Phan Thiet fish sauce products

Specialty of Phan Thiet fish sauce with sea shrimp

Canned fish sauce is both strange and familiar but extremely delicious not everywhere. Phan Thiet Binh Thuan is blessed with a large fishing area, with extremely rich and high quality seafood resources. That’s why there is a saying “If you have not eaten seafood, you have not come to Binh Thuan”.

In fact, you have to go to the port when the ship comes ashore to see the freshness of seafood in this region, especially shellfish and sea shrimp. The sea shrimps are still fresh, breaking the net, the waves are crashing. Every child is gentle in the sun, a very eye-catching eye. The taste is very special. Scoop out the cup, the new aroma is characteristic, the drop of red fish sauce is au, thick like pure wild honey, looks very attractive.

Just try a small drop on the tip of the tongue, all your senses will be awakened with this special flavor. ̣ Skillfully mixing fermented sea shrimp with salt, creating a mild salty taste that slowly turns into sweetness, gradually permeating the fresh fatty taste spreading on the palate, leaving a sweet taste in the throat and thoughts. private. Light aroma on the nose. Sea shrimp paste brings a taste that is both strange and familiar but makes people nostalgic, remembering once they have tried it.

Surprise with pure sea shrimp protein. In fish sauce made from fish, the protein level is only about 400 N or the highest is 410 N. But with Shrimp sauce, the protein level will surely surprise you. Completely natural fermentation with only traditional brewing method, but fish sauce reaches 600N tin of sea shrimp flavor – the pure protein of 100% marine shrimp.

To achieve high protein and richness, fish sauce must be made from a large amount of marine shrimp. Thus, you can only get 300l of shrimp from a quantity of shrimp and salt with a volume of about 4 tons, Although it is small, the amount of 600N fish sauce with sea shrimp flavor can be said to be of excellent quality, even the most picky eaters also must nod in agreement.

Where to Buy Delicious Sea Prawn Fish Sauce? To make the dish more delicious, full of natural sweetness, you can buy tin-coated shrimp fish sauce at the following addresses:

  • Museum of the old fishing village: 360 Nguyen Thong, Phu Hai, Phan Thiet
  • Hotline: 0918 118736 or 0901 111666

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Phan Thiet fish sauce specialties
Children’s fish Sauce for Children

Children are in the development stage, so the demand for protein, iodine, iron, calcium, … is higher. But the foods that children eat every day may not provide enough nutrients for the body. Therefore, the addition of nutritious and healthy spices such as fish sauce is extremely important.

In addition to iron, calcium and protein, fish sauce for children also contains a large amount of natural amino acids that are completely decomposed from fish. Ensure energy and promote children’s development.

Choose fish sauce for children? Currently on the market there are many types of fish sauce for children, but to choose a safe and quality fish sauce, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • The color of the fish sauce jar, fish sauce has the color of cockroach wings, is not cloudy or has residue, it proves that it is pure natural fish sauce.
  • Flavor: Should choose fish sauce with a light taste, less aromatic. Just the right amount of salt, not too salty, you can try it before giving it to your child.
  • Protein: Delicious fish sauce, ingredients usually have a protein level of over 40 degrees, protein must come from fish, of course without preservatives. Rin Line canned fish sauce with “more fish, less salt” for children. exclusively for toddlers, has: 100% natural anchovy ingredients and salt.
  • Refined salt has low salt content, absolute protein 42 degrees, no preservatives, in accordance with food hygiene and safety standards

Phan Thiet children’s fish sauce is a safe product trusted by many Vietnamese mothers for their children. When you come to Phan Thiet, remember to stop by the Ancient Fishing Village Museum to enjoy and buy children’s fish sauce as gifts for the children.

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