Summary of the famous Binh Thuan fan fields in 2022

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Binh Thuan now also has many fields of fans. This has brought interesting check-in locations for both tourists and locals. If you want to enjoy the extremely large space and want to know the feeling of “the propeller rotates at high speed and dives to the position you are standing in”, do not forget to check in here. Phan Thiet chill will introduce you to all the fan fields in Binh Thuan. Come on, read the article below.

Mui Ne wind farm – Phan Thiet

Mui Ne fan fields

Fan fields in Mui Ne – Phan Thiet

Mui Ne fan field has been a new check-in place for young people when traveling to Mui Ne recently. One more thing, this place is also located near Phan Thiet city, so you can just go sightseeing and check in here.

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Location: Mui Ne fan field is called Dai Phong fan field, located on road 706B Thien Nghiep commune (also known as Vo Nguyen Giap street), Phan Thiet city.

This is a new fan field in Binh Thuan province but has quickly become an attractive check-in place for young people. When you shoot the blower in different time frames or spaces, there will be different appeal. Whether it is in the dawn light, or in the late afternoon when the sun is about to set, in the space of “the bright red of the sky”, or simply at noon, the blue sky is enchantingly beautiful.


Phan Thiết fan fields

Fancy check-in points for young people

The feeling of sitting on the steps of the fan to freely float around with the immense sea, immense green coconut forest, nothing is more wonderful and soaring. These giant wind turbines are not. It’s too far from the tourist attractions of Mui Ne, so in the morning or afternoon you can visit Mui Ne fan fields along with other places such as Bau lotus in good karma, Bau Trang, Fairy Stream. in Mui Ne or the famous white sand road.

Many bride and groom couples have also chosen these giant wind turbines as their wedding photography locations. In the middle of a vast space filled with white sand and green trees, here appear giant white wind vanes that are rotating slowly under the blue sky.

Besides taking virtual pictures, in this Mui Ne wind power field, Binh Thuan, you can also sit on the stairs at the wind turbine column to feel each cool breeze blowing in from the immense sea or admire. The rich green scenery of the green coconut forest will definitely be an unforgettable memory.

Tuy Phong fan fields


Cánh đồng quạt gió Tuy Phong

Tuy Phong fan fields

Tuy Phong blower field is the largest wind power generation plant in Vietnam. And when you get closer, you will surely be overwhelmed by the massive and majestic background of this Binh Thuan stadium.


Tuy Phong blower field

The scene of the fan field is quite good

Located about 90km north of Phan Thiet city, with huge white wind turbines with impressive specifications: up to 95 m high, 49 m wide, the turbine’s wingspan is extremely impressive. This is one of the big wind energy projects in Vietnam.

For convenience, you can go to National Highway 1A towards Ninh Thuan and you will see it right away.

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All photos are taken by fans. In another place, different times will have a different magnitude. Whether in the morning light at dawn or late afternoon when the sun is about to set, it is enchantingly beautiful.
Especially the background is the jade green of the sky and the green of the grass creating a complete picture.

The wind field on Phu Quy island


1669803100 433 Cam nang du lich dao Phu Quy tu tuc tu


Just by hearing the name, you know where it is, right? If you want to check in the fan, buy a train ticket to visit the island and come here.
Located about 56 nautical miles from the mainland, Phu Quy island’s wind farm, or Phong Dien, is one of the most important areas for people on the island, as it provides the main living electricity for all people. people here.

Also located in a vast space of the sea, but this fan field in Binh Thuan does not have many propellers like other places, but only 3 pillars 60 meters high and 37 meters wide. The blower stands prominently on the majestic scenery of the sea, the sky, the mountains and the blue poplar rows.


1669803100 81 Cam nang du lich dao Phu Quy tu tuc tu


Already one of the most beautiful islands in Vietnam, but when these giant “wind turbines” appear, Phu Quy becomes more attractive than ever. You can take many pictures here, but the most beautiful is probably taken at the small paved road leading up to the blower, one side is the blue sea water, and the other side is the black sedimentary rock with rows of rows of black sedimentary rocks.

The whispering blue ocean, the lush green lawn, create a strangely charming and poetic picture.

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With the dynamic rhythm of Binh Thuan hometown, these modern check-in locations have become indispensable places for tourists to check-in. If you have already destroyed the historical sites of Binh Thuan, you should visit this place once. PhanThietchill wishes you have meaningful trips.

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