Phu Quy island – Top 7 beautiful places to visit

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Phu Quy island very beautiful with wild places and wide open space

Here are the beautiful places for people to check in:

HÒN TRANH (Tranh island)

Hon Tranh is about 600m southeast of Phu Quy port. From Phu Quy port, it takes about 10 minutes by canoe to arrive. The island is made up of many black and brown rocks with strange shapes. This is the result of volcanic lava erupting, meeting water, so it solidified millions of years ago. In addition to taking pictures of the strange rocks and niches, you should also participate in coral diving activities, because the water is quite clear and clean.

Phu Quy island - Top 7 beautiful places to visit


To conquer the lighthouse, you have to walk and climb more than 120 stone steps along the mountainside. Phu Quy lighthouse is 18m high, located on Cam mountain, at an altitude of 108m above sea level. From the lighthouse, you can enjoy the panoramic view of Phu Quy island, especially at night, when the shimmering, fanciful lights from offshore fishing boats are lit.

Phu Quy island - Top 7 beautiful places to visit

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Cao Cat Mountain

In Phu Quy island, in addition to the lighthouse, another high point where you can capture the majestic natural scenery is Cao Cat mountain. The mountain is 106m above sea level. Volcanic lava, plus erosion and erosion of the wind, have created rock formations with unique spiral grooves, protrusions, indentations, and strange shapes. From a distance, they look like plates stacked on top of each other. Some cliffs are only taller than a person’s head but protrude, creating very interesting “virtual” photo angles. Those who have never set foot here or have not seen the “behind-the-scenes” scene will think that you are venturing on a craggy cliff, below is an abyss. In fact, this cliff is only about 2m high and touches the ground.
In addition, Cao Cat mountain is also home to the ancient Linh Son pagoda with the highlight of the majestic statue of Buddha Quan Am.

Phu Quy island - Top 7 beautiful places to visit

Gigantic WINDER (generator fan)

Phu Quy Island has 3 giant blowers with a tower height of up to 60m. Each tree has 3 blades, each blade is 37m long, the diameter when the fan rotates is 75m. These three fans are placed far away from each other, like white pinwheels in the clear blue sky. Below, the green grass is in bloom, accidentally becoming a beautiful background for “virtual life” photos with creative poses. These blowers have the main function of generating electricity to supply the islanders. But for visitors to Phu Quy, this is also a destination not to be missed.


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This flagpole is also a landmark of sovereignty in Phu Quy island. Standing at the flagpole, looking out into the distance, visitors will see green lawns, rocky beaches and vast sea with Bai Nho, Ganh Hang… This is an ideal place to watch the sunset and sunrise on the beach. island.

Phu Quy island - Top 7 beautiful places to visit

Ganh Hang – Bãi Nho beach

Small Beach is a crescent-shaped beach, surrounded by rocky outcrops of strange shapes protruding into the sea. This is one of the most unique destinations in Phu Quy. Coming here, you can comfortably enjoy the fresh, quiet air amidst the white sand and blue sea nature.

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Phu Quy island - Top 7 beautiful places to visit

7 COLORS BEACH in Phu Quy island

Few people expect that the concrete structures used to break waves at Phu Quy port will become an ideal check-in point for tourists. Recently, they were painted in 7 colors in an activity of the Green Summer campaign conducted by Binh Duong Provincial Youth Union in collaboration with Phu Quy Island Youth Union. On the surface, the concrete blocks seem rough, but when shown, they become vivid, shimmering colors.

In addition to the places mentioned above, you can also visit Van An Thanh – where hundreds of whale skeletons are kept, Thay Nai’s tomb – Long Vy cape, Trieu Duong bay, Black island…


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