Ong Mountain Ba waterfall – Tanh Linh, majestic and poetic waterfall at the foot of the mountain

The majestic mountain is over 1,300 m high, located at the end of Truong Son with hundreds of rare species of animals and plants.

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Turn right to Lac Tanh town of Tanh Linh district, leading to the foot of Ong Mountain, where the famous Thac Ba mountain is located. The primeval forest spreads out at the foot of Ong Mountain.
The majestic mountain is over 1,300 m high, located at the end of Truong Son with hundreds of rare species of animals and plants. In particular, Nui Ong Nature Reserve has a forest area of ​​over 23,000 hectares with 332 species of plants, including particularly rare species such as Afzelia xylocarpa, Dalbergia bariensis … along with valuable forest products such as agarwood.

There are 52 species of mammals, 96 species of birds, 21 species of reptiles, 7 species of frogs and 22 species of fish, including species that are threatened with global extinction such as langurs. black-footed patch, hung-cheeked gibbon…

Ong Mountain, Ba waterfall

To the people of Tanh Linh, Nui Ong and Thac Ba contain many mysteries interwoven with thrilling legends.

Once upon a time, on the top of Ong Mountain, there was a couple who loved each other deeply. One day, her husband left the mountain to go to a friend’s house to play chess. The game of chess lasted in the fatigue of waiting for the wife, until the hair was white as a cloud and then the lonely death turned into a waterfall. The end of the game, the husband returned home, too fond of his wife, so he died and turned into Ong Mountain to forever embrace his faithful wife.

Ong Mountain, Ba waterfall

Legend has it that in the Ong Mountains, there is an ancient white statue wearing a jade necklace with long curved tusks. It is rumored that it is the elephant left by Lord Nguyen Anh when being pursued by the Tay Son army. Those looking for agarwood also recounted that they had seen a treasure sword deeply embedded in the cliff. The truth is not clear, but what is certain in the war between Nguyen Anh and Nguyen Hue, on the way to escape the Tay Son army, Nguyen Anh’s army was at the end of its strength, encountering a fertile land thousands of hectares wide.

Nguyen Anh ordered his troops to stop farming, cultivate, and feed the soldiers. Since then, the field has been called Gia Long field. It was not until 1959, when Huy Khiem’s ​​palace was opened. The thousand-acre field was renamed by the Ngo Dinh Diem government to Tran Le Xuan.


Ong Mountain, Ba waterfall

More recently, during the 20-year national defense war, Nui Ong forest became the stronghold of the liberation army. Here, somewhere, there are still vestiges of a glorious time.
In the morning between the majestic mountains and forests, the howling of gibbons, the chirping of birds, the sound of the wind and the falling waterfall create an endless harmony. Strolling under the forest canopy, I looked for the past in the petals of the forest that were still filled with morning dew.

Ong Mountain, Ba waterfall

The forest is like that, Thac Ba here is even more magnificent. 9 tall waterfalls overlapping each other pouring from the top of Ong Mountain, divided into 3 floors, looks like a white silk strip from afar. At the foot of the waterfall, the sound of the stream murmurs as light as a cloud. The color of the sky floats on the water balloons. I feel like entering a different world, entering a charming painting. There are fairies frolicking by the deserted stream, there is a mountain girl picking wild flowers and floating them along the water, an old man with white hair holding a fishing rod waiting, and a tanned boy sitting by the fire to drink hot wine cheers.

Ong Mountain, Thac Ba is like that, wild and mysterious, majestic and poetic. Once came and left, listening to nostalgia.

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