What to play in Phan Thiet? Interesting places in Phan Thiet city

Phan Thiet is a peaceful coastal city, steeped in tradition and equally vibrant. Let's take a walk with PhanThietchill to interesting places in Phan Thiet city

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Interesting places in Phan Thiet city

Phan Thiet is a peaceful coastal city, steeped in tradition and equally vibrant. Let’s take a walk with PhanThietchill to interesting places in Phan Thiet city

I. About Phan Thiet city

Phan Thiet is a coastal city of Binh Thuan province in the South Central Coast of Vietnam. This place is famous for its long beaches, beautiful nature, sandy beaches like miniature deserts, unique streams and historical architectural works, long traditional fishing villages. Life… All make up the irresistible attraction of Phan Thiet tourism.

Interesting places in Phan Thiet city


Phan Thiet has attractive tourist destinations in addition to the beauty from the sea

Phan Thiet’s beaches or tourist areas are not too crowded like other famous tourist destinations but are very peaceful and pristine like what nature offers, so they attract the attention and love of tourists. guests who love to explore or who are looking for a relaxing trip, enjoying the peaceful natural space.

Interesting places in Phan Thiet city

Weather conditions in Phan Thiet are also very supportive for marine tourism to develop because this place belongs to the South Central region with lots of sunshine, lots of wind, little rain, and few storms, so tourists are not hindered by cold winters or cold weather. dangerous storm season. Phan Thiet’s climate is divided into two distinct seasons: the rainy season and the dry season, the dry season in Phan Thiet lasts from November to the end of July next year.

In the dry season, the sky is higher, the white sand beach and the blue sea are more favorable for outdoor activities of tourists. In the rainy season, the sea is rough, but it doesn’t rain every day, so if you are nearby, you can have trips to Phan Thiet in the rainy season, which is still very beautiful because the rain in Phan Thiet is not persistent, there are days and weeks without rain.

The average temperature of Phan Thiet is about 26 to 27 degrees Celsius. The months with the highest temperature are April and May with an average temperature of about 29 degrees Celsius, it is sunny but Phan Thiet is windy, so it doesn’t feel hot. like being in the city.


II.What does Phan Thiet have to play?

Phan Thiet tourism is still quite new to tourists in the North because the distance is quite far, but today, traveling by plane shortens the travel time, which has made many tourists from far away to come to Phan Thiet to visit Phan Thiet. to admire and discover the beauty of the coastal city of Binh Thuan. The future projects of highways and airports of Phan Thiet will help shorten the distance. Phan Thiet tourism is becoming a bright spot in Vietnam’s marine tourism map, the keyword Phan Thiet is also mentioned more in forums and groups about tourism.

The question that many people ask before deciding whether to travel to Phan Thiet or not is “What does Phan Thiet play?”. Let’s answer this question to know why more and more tourists choose Phan Thiet as their destination!

Interesting places in Phan Thiet city

Phan Thiet has long been famous for its long stretches of white sand that change color according to the time of day, beautiful island beaches with curved coconut trees, in addition, this place also leaves an impression on tourists. history thanks to the diverse culture of the Cham, Chinese, and Kinh communities living together. For you to see more clearly the beauty and interesting of Phan Thiet, the best way is to learn about the attractive tourist destinations that make up the tourism brand for this coastal city.

Discover “What does Phan Thiet have to play?” Then the best way is to see what the attractive tourist attractions of Phan Thiet have!

1. Mui Ne Fishing Village

Mui Ne Fishing Village is one of the destinations that should not be missed in a Phan Thiet trip because it represents the beauty of the coastal city of Phan Thiet and most realistically describes the pace of life and culture of the people of the sea. Thuan. Mui Ne Fishing Village is located peacefully on Huynh Thuc Khang Street, interspersed with soaring coconut trees.

The fishing village is located in Quarter 1 of Mui Ne Ward, Phan Thiet with a coastline of 1km, the coast of the fishing village is especially peaceful and has fewer waves than other locations on the coast of Phan Thiet, so it is suitable for ships. Haven. Coming here, the first thing visitors can see is the colorful boats anchored everywhere near the shore creating an unmistakable traditional fishing village scene of Vietnam.

Interesting places in Phan Thiet city

Tourists often choose the time to visit the fishing village at dawn to be immersed in the bustling seafood trade atmosphere of fishermen after a hard sea trip. This is also an opportunity for visitors to bring home quality fresh seafood that has just been brought back from the sea of ​​Binh Thuan.

Coming to the fishing village, what visitors find interesting and especially love is to experience the life and fishing profession of local people to better understand the culture and idyllic beauty in the way of life and work of the fishermen. people. Buying fresh seafood here is also very cheap compared to the prices in the big markets of Phan Thiet. After buying, you can ask people to process it on the spot to bring home.


2. DT716 Street

DT716 Street is not a tourist destination, but this is a place where young people or tourists come to Phan Thiet to be impressed and often come here to take extreme virtual photos. If you have seen somewhere about the road near the sea next to the white sand strips on social networking sites or in music videos and media products, 90% of it is the famous DT716 road in Vietnam. Phan Thiet.

Interesting places in Phan Thiet city

DT716 is considered by many professional backpackers as one of the most beautiful roads in Vietnam.

DT716 is the road that you will go through to set foot in the dreamy city of Phan Thiet, the road lasts 40km from Luong Son junction to Phan Ri. DT716 is especially loved for its beauty that anyone who has ever passed can never forget. This stretch of road is classified as one of the most beautiful roads in Vietnam.

What makes this road so impressive is that the two sides of the road are pristine white sand slopes creating a romantic and poetic scene. DT716 passes through Bau Trang and Bau Sen – two famous freshwater lakes of Binh Thuan province, so it is rare for anyone to come to Phan Thiet without going through this picturesque road.


3. Co Thach Sea Beach

Belonging to Tuy Phong district, Co Thach is located about 100km from Phan Thiet. From Phan Thiet city, you go along National Highway 1A upstream about 90km, to Lien Luong junction turn left and follow the dirt road to arrive. Located 300km from Ho Chi Minh City, if you arrange your time wisely, you can come here with friends and family to take super “artistic” photos on weekends.

Interesting places in Phan Thiet city


4. Hon Rom resort

Hòn Rơm in Phan Thiet is one of the indispensable answers if anyone wonders “What to play in Phan Thiet?” This island plows the center of Phan Thiet city about 28km, this place is connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of sand, so moving to Hon Rom is not too difficult. The island near the shore – Hon Rom of Binh Dinh attracts a lot of interest and love of domestic and foreign tourists to visit. The beauty of Hon Rom is a delicate blend between the sea, the sky and the mountains. The mountains in Hon Rom seem to be wrapped around each other and then curled up to hug the 17km long beach, pillowed on the gentle sand dunes, so it has a gentle and pristine beauty.

The sea water in Hon Rom is famous for its clear blue and no reefs, so it is safe for tourists. The sand in this island is also very fine, slightly yellow, typical of Binh Thuan sea. Coming to Rom Island, you can not only admire the beautiful natural scenery of this island, but there are also many interesting activities waiting for you to participate such as: skydiving, jet skiing or immersing yourself. into the rhythm of local people’s lives through activities such as getting on a boat to the sea to catch seafood with local people.

Interesting places in Phan Thiet city


The beach in Hon Rom is clear, beautiful and safe for visitors

5. Đồi Cát Bay/ Sandy hill

Đồi Cát Bay/ Sandy hill is a very famous virtual living destination in Phan Thiet today. Looking for pictures of Phan Thiet, you must have seen the sand that looks like a miniature desert very special and rare in Vietnam, right? This is definitely a destination that makes a clear difference of Phan Thiet tourism compared to other coastal cities of Vietnam.

Interesting places in Phan Thiet city

Đồi Cát Bay/ Sandy hill. It is also known by many different names such as “Red sand hill”, “Golden sand hill”, “Red sand hill”. This famous sand dune is located in Quarter 5, Mui Ne Ward. The interesting thing about Bay Sand Dunes is that this is actually a huge sandbank with no fixed position but always moving thanks to the blowing wind. In addition, the color of Bay sand hill is also the reason why this sand hill has many different names. The color of the sand changes so you can see 18 different colors in one day. In addition to the most prominent white, red, and yellow colors, the pink color is produced by the mixture of sand and red iron ore of Phan Thiet.

Coming to Bay Sand Dunes, you not only have impressive virtual live photos with the unique natural scenery in this sand dune, but this place is also an ideal entertainment address to answer the question “What is there to play in Phan Thiet” aquí! Here you can rent a skateboard to try the feeling of your body drifting quickly from the top of the high sand to the bottom, which is very interesting or you can rent a terrain vehicle to drive around to explore all the famous Bay sands Phan Thiet.

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5. Mũi Kê Gà/Ke Ga Cape

Mũi Kê Gà/Ke Ga Cape is the top tourist destination visited by tourists in Phan Thiet. Ke Ga cape, also known as Khe Ga cape, is located in Thuan Quy commune, Ham Thuan Nam district, Binh Thuan province. This place is a cape protruding to the sea about 40km southwest of Phan Thiet city center. To be more precise, Ke Ga cape is a small island about 500m from the mainland, known as Hon Ba. The reason why this place is an island is because at high tide, Ke Ga cape separates like an island, but when the water recedes, a strip of sand connects this place to the mainland.

Coming to Ke Ga cape, the most famous is Ke Ga lighthouse built by the French colonialists in 1897. The lighthouse is built of stone with an octagonal plane with lights placed at 65m to help ships move through. This is more convenient. In addition to being an attractive tourist destination, Ke Ga lighthouse to this day still works well and is important to the Phan Thiet people and fishermen here. Ke Ga Lighthouse is currently the oldest lighthouse and the second tallest lighthouse in Vietnam.

Interesting places in Phan Thiet city

Ke Ga Lighthouse is currently the oldest lighthouse and the second tallest lighthouse in Vietnam

6. Coco Beach Camp

For young people, the answer to the question “What is there to play in Phan Thiet” is not only at the places to visit, but also sometimes as an ideal resting place to enjoy the old age. So many childhood memories together. Coco Beach Camp is the address that young people are looking for in a tourist area that is said to have a place to play.

Interesting places in Phan Thiet city

Coco Beach Camp is a picnic area, camping and resorts are a favorite in Phan Thiet

Coco Beach is a high-class picnic and camping area located on Le Minh Cong street, Mui Da village, Tan Phuoc commune, LaGi town, Binh Thuan. Since its inception, the picnic area has attracted a lot of attention from tourists because it is a great combination between a campsite, swimming and relaxing so that tourists coming here have many choices. for myself.

The homestay, villa, and resort areas here are beautifully designed, in addition, you can also choose to sleep in a tent to experience a new feeling and immerse yourself in the nature of Binh Dinh. Not only that, coming here you can also participate in many games and experiences on the sea such as: campfire, outdoor BBQ party, kayaking, standup-palble, wind surf, kite surf.

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An attractive place to camp, play and relax in Phan Thiet
Beautiful Coco beach is also an ideal destination for you to create beautiful virtual photos to stay healthy with friends and family during your trip to Phan Thiet.

7. Suối Tiên/ Suoi Tien river

Suoi Tien is the next destination that you should not miss in your trip to Phan Thiet. The beauty of Fairy Stream is compared to the “fairy scene” of Binh Thuan. Suoi Tien is not like other ordinary streams in that the stream has many red and white stalactites formed by nature’s gift and the erosion of time, so it is very unique and impressive for tourists. The calendar is here.


Interesting places in Phan Thiet city

Suoi Tien is not a clear stream of water flowing through rocks like in the highland provinces, but the water in this stream carries the characteristic orange-red color of Phan Thiet. Coming here, you can set foot on the cool water to feel the peace and gentleness for the soul, temporarily forget about the troubles of life.

8. Ong Dia rock beach

Ong Dia rock beach (also known as Dam Ong Dia) is a beautiful, clear blue beach with rocky outcrops and rocks jutting out of the sea, in Ham Tien ward, Phan Thiet city, Binh Thuan province, located about 9–10 km from the city center.

This is a favorite place for tourists to “check in” to live a beautiful virtual life during their trip to Phan Thiet because Ong Dia rock beach has a very large and airy natural space, blue sea and high sky. wide. Visitors here often like to climb the rocks to take pictures, but be very careful not to slip! Note that you should not swim here on a very dangerous day with high waves or rain. This is a note of locals for tourists coming here!

And more Interesting Places in Phan Thiet

In addition to the places mentioned above, Phan Thiet has many other tourist destinations for you to explore and have fun in your trip and also to answer the question “What does Phan Thiet city have?” that is:

Interesting places in Phan Thiet city

– Po Sah Inu Tower

This is an architectural work, historical and cultural relics of Champa remaining in Vietnam in general and Binh Thuan in particular.
Bau Trang: Phan Thiet’s poetic lake filled with lotus colors brings a peaceful space and impressive Vietnamese traditions for visitors to visit. The clear blue lake along with thousands of lotuses make this a very popular destination for tourists in Phan Thiet.

– Phu Quy Island

This is an offshore island about 100km from the mainland with pristine beauty that has not been affected much by tourism services, so it is very peaceful and fresh.

– Sand Statue Park

This is a park located in the city center, so it is very convenient for tourists to visit.

– Bai Rang

The most favorite beach in the coastal city of Phan Thiet, anyone traveling to Phan Thiet cannot help but set foot on this famous beach once.

Du lịch Phan Thiết
– Ta Cu Mountain

This is an attractive destination for those who love to explore the nature of Phan Thiet and are adventurous with 1000 steps to reach the top.

– Duc Thanh School

This is a school founded by patriotic scholars in Binh Thuan in 1907. Up to now, the ancient school with more than 100 years of history still preserves a lot of memorabilia for visitors to admire and learn. This is the school that President Ho Chi Minh used to teach before coming to Saigon.

– Doi Duong Beach

This is a beautiful, peaceful beach located next to the center of Phan Thiet city for those who want to go to a place with few people.

– Hon Ghenh

Hon Ghenh is a destination where you can experience interesting coral diving activities or admire the beautiful scenery of Phan Thiet, one side is Mui Ne stretching on the other side is Hon Rom with a frame calm and gentle seascape.

– Cu Lao Cau

Cu Lao Cau is a beautiful island in Phuoc The commune, Tuy Phong district. The natural scenery on the island is very beautiful and peaceful, surrounded by large and small colorful rocks like a battleship protecting its territory.

– Co Thach Beach

This is a famous beach where there are the largest unique multi-shaped and colorful rocks in Vietnam.

– Ganh Son

The destination is about 5km from Co Thach beach. It is a destination to learn about the cultural lifestyle, experience the activities of the local fishing village and watch the beautiful sunrise and sunset.

– Hang Pagoda

This is a temple with a long history located in a cave on a hill over 64m high in Binh Thanh commune, Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan.

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III. Recreational activities, experiences

The fun activities and experiences that you should try during your trip to Phan Thiet you should not miss during your trip to the coastal city of Phan Thiet in Binh Thuan are:

1. Night squid fishing

For guests who love experiential activities, an interesting night squid fishing trip in their Phan Thiet discovery journey cannot be missed. You join the night squid fishing tour will start your journey from 5pm in Phan Thiet fishing village, the boat takes about 30 minutes to reach the squid fishing point, at the squid fishing locations you will be guided how to fish traditional squid. fisherman’s system. The feeling of catching the results of fresh squids with their own hands will make the area participating in the journey extremely excited because they have had memorable experiences during their trip.

The amount of squid you catch will be processed on the ship by the boat owner into an attractive night dish for your trip such as squid porridge or grilled squid. There is nothing better than enjoying the fruits of your trip as soon as you catch it. The price of a package squid fishing tour is about 700,000 VND including dinner and fishing gear for you.

2. Flying a kite on the sand

This is also one of the very new experiences for tourists coming to Phan Thiet because with natural conditions and windy climate, gentle sandy beaches, clear blue sky, it is definitely great if you do it yourself. flying a kite flying in the blue sky of Binh Thuan.

Interesting places in Phan Thiet city

You can buy kites at Phan Thiet beach or the resorts of Binh Thuan! Perhaps kite flying is one of the most typical recreational activities on the coast of Phan Thiet. Kite flying is an activity that both Vietnamese and foreign tourists to Phan Thiet love because it is like a ticket back to childhood for you to relive the carefree moments, temporarily forgetting about the late. the hustle and bustle of life. In some resorts, there are even kite flying holidays to serve guests and tourists coming here. Experience activities that are hard to do in the city with friends or family to bond your feelings and make your trip to Phan Thiet more memorable and meaningful!

3. Fisherman Show – Interesting Places in Phan Thiet

Fishermen Show is a program that tourists coming to the coastal city of Phan Thiet should not miss. This is a show combining contemporary dramatic art and high-tech water music lighting effects that will give tourists unforgettable experiences and impressions when traveling to Phan Thiet. Walking around Phan Thiet in the evening and stopping to admire the gentle romantic scene of Fishermen Show will make your evening not boring at all.

Fishermen Show with the content conveying the culture of the fishing village, highlighting the hard work, enthusiasm and desire to conquer the sea of ​​the local people, especially the fishermen in the fishing village. The program also brings many modern features to make it easier for tourists to feel.

4. Sandboarding and off-road racing

Although Phan Thiet is mainly a sea and island tourism, the Bay sand dunes of this city are extremely famous. Coming here, in addition to seeing the unique sand dunes or taking virtual photos, there are also many activities that you should not miss such as sand skiing and off-road racing.

Certainly riding a motorbike on the colorful sand dunes and admiring the peaceful natural scenery is an activity you can hardly experience anywhere in Vietnam other than Phan Thiet. So don’t miss this rare opportunity! Sand skiing is an activity suitable for all ages when visiting Bay sand dunes. With only about 20,000 VND to rent a skateboard, you will have an unforgettable experience in Phan Thiet! As for the price of 4-wheel terrain motorbike rental in the Bay sand dunes, it ranges from 350,000 VND to 850,000 VND depending on the length of time you rent, corresponding to a period of 20 minutes or 60 minutes!

Interesting places in Phan Thiet city

Above is the answer to the question for those who are still wondering “What to play in Phan Thiet?”. In addition to the above activities, when you go to the beaches, you can also participate in adventure games on the sea or organize team building activities for the members of your trip or discover the unique cuisine of Phan Thiet. Set.

The note for you

It is recommended to bring a wind jacket, umbrella to protect from rain and sun when visiting Bay sand dunes.
Wear neat, comfortable clothing for ease of movement and outdoor activities.

If going to the island:
The train usually runs on a fixed schedule of each month, so if you want to visit the island or book tickets in advance! There are only about 1 or 2 trips per day in the afternoon, so remember to get to the wharf on time or you will have to wait until the next day.

If you have motion sickness or seasickness, remember to take your medicine before you get on the train, if the sea is rough, you should take medicine even if you are less drunk because the distance is quite far so you may be tired.

Hope the article has provided useful information for your trip to Phan Thiet. Wish you have many more meaningful and happy trips with your loved ones and friends!

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