Cinematography, photographer in Mui Ne – Phan Thiet – Binh Thuan province

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photographer in Mui Ne – Phan Thiết – Bình Thuận

Cinematography, photographer in Mui Ne – Phan Thiet city – Binh Thuan province


Creativity – Enthusiasm – Dedication


Media company introduction

With the sharp image content, growing trend of digital platforms and quality sound to be transmitted to viewers as quickly as possible are decisive factors. Therefore, professional filming and photography play a very important role.

An Media is a unit that confidently brings high quality and professional service, meeting most of the needs of filming, taking photos, and flying cams in Binh Thuan province such as Phan Thiet city, Ham Thuan Bac districts. , Ham Thuan Nam, Bac Binh, Tuy Phong, Tanh Linh, Duc Linh, Ham Tan, … especially tourist areas such as La Gi town, Phu Quy island, Mui Ne, …

Services offered

Events – seminars – press conferences: Record important moments, highlights in events of organizations, individuals or businesses. From there, creating a wide marketing effect, promoting the image of the unit quickly and effectively to customers.
Viral clip – Marketing video: Producing highly viral videos, creating a strong viral effect to customers, thereby improving the service quality of the business.
TVC advertising (Television Commercials): carries many shares of famous or influential people with products of businesses/customers. It can also be a story with positive meanings, or just the combined effects in the video to help bring the product closer to customers.
In addition, An Media also produces reportage, talkshow, livestream, experience video, wedding…


Service quality

An Media confidently provides partners with many different formats of parameters, from FHD to 4K, flycam, … with diverse and professional equipment, meeting broadcasting and presentation standards. Along with enthusiasm, the unit is also creative and dedicated to serving at reasonable prices to create sustainable links with customers.

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