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Mui Ne – Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan province is the most famous tourist destination in 2022 with many beautiful scenes, clear blue beaches, and especially extremely unique cuisine. Traveling to Mui Ne, you can’t help but visit the seafood market here once. Mui Ne – Phan Thiet seafood is very similar but affordable, guaranteed to be an unforgettable delicious dish in the upcoming trip. Let’s find out what Mui Ne market has for sale!


Mui Ne seafood market



  1. Location of Mui Ne seafood market


From the center of Phan Thiet city, you run along the coast about 5 km to reach the fishing village of Mui Ne. Inside the fishing village, there are many markets with stalls selling different types of products such as: fresh seafood, dried fish, dried seafood, …


Mui Ne seafood market


If you travel to Phan Thiet 2 days 1 night, remember to get up early the next morning to visit the market. Coming to Mui Ne seafood market in the early morning, you will feel the extremely bustling but peaceful life here.



Mui Ne seafood market



  1. When to visit Mui Ne seafood market?

The best time to visit is in the early morning when combining with buying seafood; Or late afternoon to take beautiful sunset photos.


Mui Ne seafood market


The sun appeared behind the horizon, the waves began to ripple slightly, the whispering voices of the fishermen, the sound of rafts and boats coming ashore… All appeared like a painting. The oil blends with the jade green color of Phan Thiet sea very vividly.



At Mui Ne seafood market, you will experience the feeling of fishing with fishermen, then prepare attractive dishes and enjoy right at the beach. Usually on the occasion of summer tourism, Mui Ne fishing village becomes more crowded and catches more seafood. You also have the opportunity to buy a variety of fresh seafood. Too great, right?

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  1. Types of seafood at Mui Ne market – Phan Thiet


The pace of life in Mui Ne seafood market passes slowly, as idyllic as the personality of the people here. All kinds of fresh seafood at Mui Ne market are sold by people at affordable and affordable prices. Seafood after being caught will be sold at the shore, if you buy it, it will be processed immediately. So when coming to Mui Ne seafood market, in addition to visiting, checking-in the beautiful seascape, you can also buy a variety of fresh and rich seafood.


Mui Ne seafood market


Fresh seafood is sold at Mui Ne Phan Thiet market such as:

  • All kinds of crabs (sold in baskets or baskets)
  • All kinds of snails and shellfish
  • Fresh shrimp of all kinds
  • Types of marine fish, ..


In particular, at Mui Ne seafood market, there is also a service of boiling seafood for 10,000 VND / turn.

Fresh seafood after catching, boiled and dipped with spices will be very delicious and fragrant.

Note: like all other tourist attractions, remember to ask the price before buying and watch the seafood carefully. Because there may be bad luck here.



  1. Other delicious dishes available at Mui Ne seafood market


In addition to seafood, Mui Ne seafood market also sells many specialty dishes no less than other markets. At the beginning of the market, you will see a small but crowded banh xeo shop, each fragrant yellow pancake taken out of the mold will make your craving rise. A little further are the plan cake shops, tea shops, all the best snacks in Mui Ne such as: quai cauldron cake, filter cake, hot noodle soup, …


Mui Ne seafood market

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Mui Ne Seafood Market, in addition to food, also sells souvenirs and specialties for visitors to buy as gifts for relatives and family.


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