Da Lat chicken intestine wet cake – 3 delicious places to eat and detailed recipes

After drizzling a layer of sour fish sauce on top, Da Lat chicken heart cake becomes rich and irresistible. Chicken hearts are processed, served with

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After drizzling a layer of sour fish sauce on top, Da Lat chicken heart cake becomes rich and irresistible. Chicken hearts are processed, served with herbs and all indispensable hot, white foods not to enjoy. Traveling to Dalat without trying this unique dish will result in shortcomings.

  1. Ingredients to cook Da Lat chicken heart wet cake


Originating from Da Lat, so far there are quite a few places to learn how to make chicken heart cakes, but there is really no place that can create a dish with a hometown flavor like in the original Da Lat. Which is.


Da Lat chicken intestine wet cake


Wet cake with chicken intestines from very simple and easy to find ingredients as follows:


  1. Hot wet
  2. Chick
  3. Chicken liver
  4. Kidney / Heart of Pig
  5. Onion
  6. Ginger
  7. White wine
  8. Basil, laksa leaves
  9. Chili, lemon
  10. Spice


Da Lat chicken intestine wet cake


Not simply the ingredients, in order to make the standard Da Lat chicken intestine wet cake, the cook must know how to choose the wet cake and chicken ingredients so skillfully. The wet cake to serve must have white ivory and be of moderate length, not too thick, it will make the cake lose its taste. Chicken intestines after washing with salt and wine must no longer have a bad smell to promote the full aroma of the dish. If you have a time to travel to Dalat, remember to enjoy this attractive dish in a few days.


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  1. How is Da Lat chicken intestine wet cake made?


Da Lat chicken intestine wet cake is not complicated to make. For Da Lat people, the worldliness and gentle nature in processing make wet cake become extremely special.

Da Lat people make wet and very careful cakes from rice grains. Rice for making cakes must be delicious rice, so that the cakes are really fragrant. People soak rice, grind tapioca flour, seaweed powder and combine with a little flour, flour, water in certain proportions to make chewy cakes when coated without breaking. When baking, the baker must also be smart so that the cake does not have a thick place.


Da Lat chicken intestine wet cake


As for the chicken intestines and the chicken used with wet cakes, it must also be carefully prepared. Usually people choose chickens that are not too big and firm. Chicken intestines must be done carefully so as not to fishy, ​​when cleaned, lightly marinated with a little spice and onion to absorb, fried when used to make the chicken intestines crispy. Chicken is usually steamed or cooked until it is shredded.

According to sharing from people who have experience in making this dish, the criteria to evaluate the delicious chicken intestines in the dipping sauce and how to process the intestines to eat with.

Note that in addition to chicken intestines, people also eat wet cakes with pork intestines. To do so, you need to pay attention to a few steps:


  • Step 1: Carefully clean the pig’s heart and heart by soaking it in water with white wine. A little more to mourn.
  • Step 2: Chicken breast, heart and chicken washed with salt, then cooked. To the best family, you can for more a little bited and salin. Then, finely chop the chicken breasts. Pork heart and pork kidney just eaten.
  • Step 3: Prepare fish sauce, chili garlic, sugar and cooking water. Put about 200ml of clean water on the stove, then add 3 tablespoons of granulated sugar and 50ml of fish sauce. When the sugar is dissolved, turn off the heat and add.
  • Step 4: Wash herbs and cut into bite-sized pieces. At this point, the delicious wet cake is ready. You just need to arrange the cake on a plate, put the chicken and herbs on top, drizzle a layer of sweet and sour fish sauce and enjoy.


Da Lat chicken intestine wet cake


  1. Enjoy Dalat chicken heart wet cake – eat once, remember for a lifetime


According to Dalat travel experience, the places that serve Da Lat chicken heart wet cake are probably in Hoa Binh area, right at Da Lat market. Da Lat chicken intestine wet cake can be considered a specialty of the mountain town because of its uniqueness and strangeness from its name to its taste.


When using, people use deep dish or dishes, put wet cake, little herbs, crushed seeds and arrange chicken hearts on top and pepper. Accompanying the plate or bowl of wet cake with chicken heart is a cup of spicy and sweet chili fish sauce. The aroma and deliciousness of freshly warmed pastries, the sweetness of chicken and the taste of toned free-range chicken blend in a rich, moderately spicy dipping sauce. Adding a little bit and herbs will make the dish more attractive. Usually wet cake.


Da Lat chicken heart cake is like that, with a delicious taste, with a delicate and gentle position because Da Lat people use very moderate spices.


If you come to Da Lat city if you want to try this unique dish, go to Hoa Binh area, you will surely come across delicious cake restaurants that even luxury restaurants, or famous hotels. In Da Lat, they also sometimes serve this dish, but it may not be as delicious.


Da Lat chicken intestine wet cake


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  1. Revealing the best places to sell chicken heart cakes in Da Lat


Along Hoa Binh area and Dalat night market, you can see a number of stalls selling this dish. Among them are addresses such as:

  • Da Lat chicken heart wet cake shop – Ms. Hang, 68 Phan Dinh Phung, Da Lat
  • Quan Long, the first address of Thong Thien Hoc Street, Da Lat City
  • Chip Shop: 28 Tang Bat Ho Street, Da Lat City

However, if you go to Dalat at the peak time, come early.

With unique delicious taste, Da Lat chicken intestine wet cake has become a typical dish not to be missed when coming here.

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